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deeply adv
1 to a great depth psychologically; "They felt the loss deeply" [syn: profoundly]
2 to a great depth; "dived deeply"; "dug deep" [syn: deep] [also: deeper]

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  1. at depth, in a deep way
  2. to a deep extent
  3. profoundly


  • deep (adverb sense)


at depth
  • Finnish: syvästi
  • Greek: βαθιά (vathiá)
  • Polish: głęboko
to a deep extent

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Deeply is a (2000) movie with Julia Brendler, Lynn Redgrave and Kirsten Dunst directed by Sheri Elwood. The movie, with its mythic memory storylines, may remind some viewers of The Wicker Man.


Deeply is the story of a traumatized teenager, Claire McKay (played by Julia Brendler), who is brought to an Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in the hopes that she will recover from the sudden death of her first love. Claire encounters an eccentric writer, Celia (Lynn Redgrave), who tells her the story of another grief-stricken teenager, Silly (Kirsten Dunst), and the curse which has haunted the Island since the days of the Vikings. As Celia recounts the story of Silly and her great loss, a story that is yet without an ending, Claire relives her own trauma and undergoes a catharsis which sets her spirit free, healed of the grief and horror. As Celia said, a good story does indeed have the power to heal. Although, the ending to Celia's story has still to be written.
Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Lynn Redgrave, Julia Brendler, Trent Ford, Brent Carver, Alberta Watson, Peter Donaldson, Tara Rosling, Anthony Higgins, Jessica Turner, Richard Davidson, Alexa Gilmour, Mark Day
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